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Thousand CPA, LLC has a wide variety of services that benefit the individual, a start-up business, and existing small business owners wanting better performance. Led by William Thousand, CPA, our team of accounting professionals has the knowledge, dedication and experience to guide you and your business to better meet your personal financial goals and build the business of your dreams.

Are you among the many individuals or families taking on the exciting -– and uncertain – task of starting a new business? If so, congratulations! We at Thousand CPA, LLC congratulate you on your new adventure and wish you much success.

Are you confident in your knowledge of complex and ever-changing tax laws? Have you looked ahead to develop a sound financial strategy for continued growth? Do you have the time to manage the financial back-end as you maintain daily focus on your customers?

As you know, success takes more than researching your services, marketing the competitive arena, and honing your own personal skills. It takes developing a sound financial strategy for continued growth. We are here to help ensure that you are on the right track by offering you our outstanding services. Thousand CPA, LLC is also adept at working with you on your estate taxes, trusts, and nonprofit organizations.

Our team is also dedicated to helping indivduals keep on track with their accounting needs because we believe everyone deserves to have a sound financial strategy for their life.

Our friendly and experienced team offers long-term strategic planning and advice on managing your personal, professional and business goals for financial success.

Our many satisfied clients represent a wide variety of industries and individuals.

Our firm takes pride in working with individuals on their tax returns and financial planning.

With our cumulative decades of experience, we competently navigate unusual or complex tax cases.

Learn more about our services and our outstanding team of professionals. Contact us today to put the expertise at Thousand CPA, LLC to work for you.

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